Attention Facebook Users

Alright. Let’s be honest. Election season is intense. Sensory overload with the billboards, the commercials and the facebook posts. When you think you should post an outrageous post about politics… liberal or conservative… please, please, please. Type in your status bar and then promptly delete it. I don’t want to delete you. But I don’t want my news feed cluttered with seriously biased information about how liberals are the downfall of America as we know it or conservatives hate all minorities. These are all logical fallacies.

The reality is, no matter who you wanna vote for, every politician in Washington (and in the race for presidency) have dirty hands and are all part of what has become of our country. I know, crazy?  Obviously, the president is the only person who makes decisions that affect the US. I mean we do not have a house of representatives OR a senate that play a part in all decisions. Checks and Balances? I did not have one of the best educations in history or civics but I do know that our government works by having checks and balances. Now you can argue that our system does not always see to work as well as we might want, but you cannot argue that President Obama is single handedly responsible for everything terrible in today’s American society. And, President G.W. Bush was also not solely responsible for the bad things that happened while he was in office.

Stop playing into the blame game. Start looking beyond the biased media and the propaganda. Go read some government documents to inform your decision. Yep, they are HARD to read and completely boring. But they are filled with documented facts… not exuding biases and slants that get us all up in arms about how the ____ have ruined life as we know it and we are all going to die.

Your post is not. I repeat, is not going to convince those with opposing views to have some epiphany and suddenly think your politics, based on these statuses and images/videos, are actually what they believe.  We just all get flooded with propaganda and… heated arguments will inevitably ensue on your timeline. That ain’t ever going away.

This is America. We are all free to speak our minds, but maybe have some sort of filter?  I’d like to believe that my “friends” on facebook are generally good people. Don’t air your dirty political laundry…it does not look good on you. Any of you.


One thought on “Attention Facebook Users

  1. oh. my. god. this was going to be one of my next blogs on my ‘to blog about’ list. Very WELL said. you read my mind in every word! i’m SO glad to know I’m not the only one who feels this way…

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