Oh… DMB, how I love thee.

Sometimes all a girl needs after a fantastically long 13 hour day fraught with “special event parking” that put her car across campus, class all day, no yoga or dance… etc. and so on, is to download the new DMB album. It immediately brightened my day. Who doesn’t love to listen to new music from their favorite artist?!

But… the fun part about a DMB album is that you get sneak peeks into upcoming music when you see him live. In fact, one of the new songs on the album I got to hear with my fellow Daver at caravan last year. Yep. At his show this summer we were the only people in the crowd that knew the song. We were THOSE girls. In fact here’s the moment we heard it for the first time. WINNING!!!


So, obviously I have listened to the new album “Away From the World” several times now…and I cannot wait for my next Dave show. So much awesome.


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