This is my Remix video. I used images, text and music to create a PSA against Mountaintop Removal. Under copyright laws, I have definitely crossed a line in that I have used a DMB song for 2 mins. However, this is a project for a course with no monetary gain and part of the purpose is to engage with the conversation of the limitations placed on remix and the boundaries of copyright. One important thing to note is that the images (many of them) were originally located within the associated press which allowed multiple publications to use them with a nod toward to source of the image. While some of the images are definitely speaking out against mountaintop removal (strip mining) some of the images were in articles to represent camping locations, tourism and commentary on the shift of the welcome to WV signs. Additionally, the “Just Say No” campaign is a conversation regarding drugs, but here it is repurposed to outset the business issues in WV. “The Dreaming Tree” establishes a conversation about missing what has disappeared; interestingly, it is also the title for the Dave Matthews craft wine. He has even repurposed his own song in that space. A public service announcement is a way to reach an audience that the activist groups may not reach because their publications are widely read by those who believe in their cause and the tourism images are not widely broadcast to an audience that is not already interested in visiting the state of WV. By coupling the mining, the mountains and the people of WV, the pathos of the PSA attempts to draw the audience into the realities of mountaintop removal issues, the everyday effects.


The Monthly Marine


This document represents a shift from HANDOUT to E-news Letter for the Military Phonetic Alphabet.  I fashioned it loosely based upon the “Monday Morning Memo” I receive from the Huntington Chamber of Commerce (don’t judge, my home dance studio is a member); it houses upcoming events, links to affiliates, stories, “community trivia/raffle information” (on occasion) and meeting sessions.The news letter would be distributed via email to all Marines on base at Parris Island for BootCamp: First to Drill Sergeants then to Privates and Private First Classes. Here it is linked as it would be in the following email:


Greetings.  It is the dawn of a new month, and it is time to explore yet another important component of the USMC.  This month’s newsletter reminds us of the importance we should place upon our communication and communication devices.  Outlined in the newsletter is a story of triumph, training session schedules and the popular trivia for liberty time. It all connects to our communication and the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

Remember, the first sunday of each month, “Liberty Sunday” will be used to peruse this document; Drill Sergeants please observe the information prior to the group viewings.


Devil Dog Publishing

Monthly Marine, February Edition